A 20-Point Lead Capture Page Checklist that will Dramatically Increase the Number of New Leads You Capture

Many business owners and executives know the importance of having an online presence. Creating a personalized website and managing a social media presence are now a vital part of any business’ marketing strategy.

With that said, only a few companies make full use of the various opportunities the Internet has to offer. For example, many businesses have a website but do a poor job of collecting leads because they do not have a high converting lead capture page. Building a website is an important step to creating an authoritative online presence. However, in order for you to significantly increase the number of new leads you must create a lead capture page. Without this, it will be extremely difficult to move your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

What is a lead capture Lead Generationpage? This is a page a visitor arrives at on your website after clicking on a paid advertisement or an incoming link from another website. Amateur marketers usually direct their paid ad traffic to their homepage, this is a BIG mistake because website visitors may not buy anything and leave without providing their contact information.

Specific lead capture pages personalized to different offers are crucial for providing a quality experience for prospects and driving conversions with a laser focused message that matches each prospect’s need. In addition, a best practice is to drive traffic to content pages to provide value to the user first, and then give them an opportunity to give their contact information through a blog post or a dedicated lead capture page. A more advanced tragedy is to place a “tracking pixel” on the content page so that the website visitor can be re-targeted should they decide not to provide their contact information at this time.

Your lead capture page is what takes a random internet user and turns them into a lead that you can follow up with to convert them to a potential customer. Enhancing your lead capture page can mean a significant increase in revenue as your conversion rate goes from 15 percent to 30 or even 50 percent.

This document will act as a checklist to creating a lead capture page that will convert and increase revenue dramatically. We recommend that you print it out and have it accessible the next time you create a lead capture page.

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3 Simple Steps To Target Your Customers With The Right Message To Save Time & Money

target your customers

3 Simple Steps To Target Your Customers With The Right Message To Save Time & Money

You have built your product/service from the ground up, implemented various marketing strategies, and even reduced your price points to attract more customers, but still, your offer isn’t taking off. Many seasoned business owners experience this situation and often blame themselves. What they fail to realize is that successful marketing in a competitive environment is more about understanding your market than continuing to push the features of your offer.

There is a well-known phrase “Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” Unfortunately, this does not work for successful businesses. If you label “everyone” as your target customer, you will lose the majority of your prospects at the beginning of your marketing campaign, simply because your message does not apply to them. Simply put you must be exceptionally clear who your market is and who it is not. You must understand their deep needs for what you sell irrespective if you sell to consumers or to other businesses – this report will help you achieve this.

Once you define whom your prospects are, you will know how to reach them. You will discover that you do not need to invest in as much advertising because you will experience better marketing conversion.

Not only will you convert more “anonymous suspects” into known prospects, but by understanding your customer better you will be able to build solutions they actually want. You will be able to build long term relationships that lead to more referrals and higher customer value.

This guide will walk you through a step-by-step process to effectively target your customer. Let’s get started by understanding the critical yet less than exciting subject of demographics.


Understand your Target Customer’s Characteristics & Behavior

You need to make sure you understand who your prospects are in terms of their characteristics, their behavior, down to their daily frustrations and emotional trigger points. This helps you determine the best way to approach them. You will be able to provide relevant content that attracts them to you so you can follow up and educate them to help them make an informed buying decision. Everything being equal a customer will always be biased in favor of the organization that takes time to help them make a smart buying decision. There are simply too many options available in every category. The higher the price point and complexity the more this becomes a powerful differentiator.

The most successful companies in the world invest significant resources to target their customer. There is a reason why you buy certain products from certain companies on a consistent basis. They were most likely built with you in mind and they specifically targeted you, and thought about you in the sales and post sales experience. Now you can do the same for your customers. [Read more…]

Turn Your Company Into A Customer Driven And Employee Centered Business

By Ray Stendall

The biggest question I get is: How do transform an organization that is not customer driven and not employee centered into one that is? In this presentation we examine exactly what you must do to move in the right direction. Welcome to this important series on how to successfully transform an organization that is not customer driven and not employee centered.


A basic framework is to assess a typical organization with these problems, then consider where you want to go, figure out the gaps, prioritize the work, and then get the project under way so that you realize the benefits. There are four key components to this process. First, start at the top of an organization and examine the executive suite. Everything that executives do leads by behavior, and everyone else throughout the organization follows this behavior. The second key is to review the employee work processes. The third area is to observe employee behaviors; what key points do we observe and can we draw from them. And finally examine enema) customer interactions.

All four components we very important, because without an employee centered workforce, it’s not possible to empower and engage customers who really want to stick around and be your customers for a very long time. Let’s consider the first key area; assessing executives. Ifs very important to have executives on board in any organization, but if the executives we very comfortable with current operations and don’t want to rock the boat, you will not get very far. So have someone in the executive suite committed to taking a serious look at how the business operates and how customers we treated. Ideally, this is a customer experience officer (CEO, if possible). as authority must flow from the CEO downwards.

The first item here is to consider the attitudes, beliefs, character traits, and habits of the executive suite as it relates to how they work with employees, and ultimately with customers. An easy acronym to remember is ABCH: Attitudes, Beliefs. Character traits. Habits.


What attitudes does the executive suite have in relation to employees? How do they regard employees? Are employees considered resources, interchangeable, and movable? Or are they considered as individuals, each having their various strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth and to contribute to the bigger picture in the organization? The executive suite must be aware of how it interacts with the team and with customers, its beliefs of how customers should be treated, and it must be able to lead by example. More important than attitudes, beliefs and character traits we the actions taken by the executive suite that speak so much louder than words.

Without understanding how top-line management really thinks about the organization, about empowerment and how to get the most from people, it’s not possible to move forward; so a baseline assessment is essential. It’s also important to capture ‘the voice of the executive. a term I’ve borrowed from the voice of the customer analysis… [Read more…]

How To Acquire And Retain Customer Profitability


Overcome Today’s Business Challenges

By Ray Stendall

Thriving as a business today is harder than it ever has been. Are you prepared to face the top business challenges of today?

Hi everyone, this is Ray Stendall, publisher of Customer Engagement Magazine and the author of the Customer Engagement Manifesto.

This blog is for Business Owners and Managers who:

  • Are searching for ways to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.
  • Have a real business that offers real solutions and need help converting people with no idea that you exist into repeat buyers.
  • Have no active campaigns in place to inform, motivate and inspire your market to work with you.
  • Have no clear plans in place to be more profitable.
  • Are looking for new strategies to engage and empower your team.
  • Lack clear visibility into the Customer Experience you deliver, so that you can improve it to boost sales and profitability.
  • Are passionate about serving customers and looking for new ideas to be more effective.

The challenge within business continues to be: “How do I acquire and retain customer profitably?” First off, let’s understand what the purpose of a business is.

The purpose of a business is to create and keep customers in a profitable way. While profits are essential to the health of any business, they are the effect (not the cause) of serving a customer with a meaningful product or service. Profits are a result of two very important skill sets: Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention… [Read more…]

The Integrated Helpdesk: 3 Steps to Reducing Refunds, Increasing Customer Lifetime Value, Creating Raving Fans

An Interview with Jeremy Shapiro

Integrated helpdesk solution

Introduction and What is an Integrated Helpdesk Solution?


Jeremy Shapiro provides an Integrated HelpDesk solution that supports many top internet brands, such as Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer portfolio of companies, Dan Kennedy’s GKIC, and Joe Polish’s Genius Network. These organizations regularly support thousands of customers and have huge product launches that generate millions of dollars, as well as customers, in a short period of time. He has also consulted with dozens of start-up and mature companies in the areas of technology, marketing, and automation.

The Integrated Helpdesk

Kate Zabriskie has stated, “If you don’t take great care of your customers, someone else will.” Many businesses are so caught up in acquiring new customers that they don’t treat existing customers with the attention they deserve. Taking care of your customers is paramount for today’s businesses. A happy customer stays with you longer, refers their friends and colleagues, which results in more business, and they buy more. When you care for them, they increase their Life Time Value. That’s why Reducing Refunds, Increasing Customer Lifetime Value, and Creating Raving Fans through an Integrated Help Desk can make an astonishing difference for a business… [Read more…]

The Zappos Way Of Building A Culture Of Service

An Interview With Jonathan Wolske

Culture of Service



Ray Stendall: Today I welcome our guest, who is the cultural evangelist for Zappos Insights, which is part of the Zappos family of companies headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s been part of the Customer Loyalty Team, delivering Zappos’ legendary service. He’s been involved in helping Zappos with tour leads, getting people from the community to learn more about the great culture that Zappos provides, and growing this tour experience that has grown and grown and grown. And now, over 1,500 visitors a year come to the Zappos headquarters to see how Zappos does what it does and reveal some of the magic behind creating an amazing culture. He has hosted executives, managers and team members from a wide range of industries and companies around the world and presented at meetings and conferences, such as Microsoft, Humana, Bath and Body Works, Aetna, Merck, and Samsung Electronics.

We’re so happy to have the one and only, Mr. Jon Wolske on our program today and we welcome him to Customer Engagement Magazine. Towards the end of our time, I will share the link to this broadcast so that our audience can be more involved, or they catch us on Customer Engagement TV.

Jon, welcome to the program!… [Read more…]

Customer Experience In The Luxury Marketplace

An Interview With Kevin Thompson Of Barneys New York

Customer Experience

What is Customer Experience in the Luxury Marketplace?

Kevin Thompson has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help us become more effective in delivering a superior customer experience in the luxury segment. Kevin works with Barneys of New York and has previously worked with Moncler, Gucci, and other brands.

Today’s focus is on the luxury segment, which is different compared to other retail segments. We will talk about best practices, trends, mistakes, myths, and look into the framework used in Barneys to help everyone get on the same page in creating a great brand experience. It is important to note that while our talk is focused on the Luxuary Marketplace these ideas can be applied across segments.

Kevin Thompson was recruited to be part of the New Visions Think Tank of the New York City Board of Education, which was created to go into educational institutions to observe how they operate and think about ways to improve operations. At base level, the ideas with customer engagement are the same.

Barneys of New York is a 92 year-old company that started off as a company selling suits for men. Later, the brand expanded into a fashion retailer setting the cool factor in New York and American fashion, being the first to carry brands like Armani with many other designers debuting at Barneys New York. Barneys now has 32 stores across the country.

Customer Engagement Magazine went out into the marketplace looking for examples where we could learn about luxury retail, which is how we came across Kevin, and now we bring his best ideas to you that you can apply to your business…. [Read more…]

Engaging The Emerging Workforce with Eric Chester

An Interview with Eric Chester

Expert on Engaging the Employees

The first step of customer engagement is to go about engaging the employees. That’s where the battle is won or lost. Often, the most critical metric in your entire business is the 18 inches that lie between the nose of the frontline employees and the customer’s nose, because if those 18 inches aren’t being won, the battle has been lost.

The emerging generation is not exclusively an American situation, an American problem, or even a generational problem. This is a generation that’s influencing people in all kinds of jobs, no matter where they are found, with this new mindset and mentality that says, “What can you do for me?” This mindset has brought challenges for employers in every sector and in every industry all over the globe.



Industry Trends

Bucking the Negative Trends of Engaging the Workforce


The advent of the Internet has brought a reliance on technology to find frontline customer service people, whether they are in a call center or a retail establishment. Most often, companies and organizations think that by getting more and more people in, something will stick, as opposed to bringing the right kind of people into the company. Another trend is that many companies and organizations rely on free services like Craigslist, used to sell used toilets, refrigerators, and services like cleaning gutters. But that’s not where you find quality customer service professionals, and it cannot fill your most critical roles with good, fresh talent… [Read more…]

4 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Connection Economy

An Interview with Simon T. Bailey

connection economy simon bailey

About Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey is the former sales director of the Disney Institute. He has worked with Microsoft, Chevron, Million Dollar Round Table, Subway, The Conference Board, and has impacted many people around the globe with his ideas about customer and employee engagement. He is the best-selling author of Release Your Brilliance and Shift Your Brilliance.

Simon T. Bailey has had 28 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He’s worked for four major hotel chains, at the Orlando Convention and Visitors Bureau for three years, and for seven years at Disney, with three of those years as Sales Director of the Disney Institute.

Since working for Disney, he has worked with 1,000 organizations and consulted with over a dozen organizations on six continents on how to implement a customer experience strategy that increases their customer satisfaction scores and ultimately impacts their bottom line.

The demand on businesses today to be better, faster, cheaper and more innovative than the next is tremendous. With the shifts in the market and the demands of a turbulent economy, organizations feel pressured to do more with less and desperate to get and retain customers. It’s easy for an organization to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and even hopeless when it comes to meeting revenue and profit goals.


Industry Trends

A study by Booz & Co. shows that customers want to do business with companies who are known for their kindness and meaningfulness. In fact, they believe that this is increasingly “human in nature.” And customers want to do business with companies that are aligned with their values of meaning and purpose… [Read more…]

Communicating With Impact: An Interview with Patricia Fripp

Communication is key in business.

“In your career, don’t concentrate on making a lot of money. Instead, concentrate on becoming the type of person that people want to do business with, and you most likely will make a lot of money.”
-Arthur Henry Fripp

About Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp built a service business on the philosophy of it is more than a haircut at Miss Fripp’s. Before becoming a full-time professional speaker and executive speech coach, Patricia enjoyed a successful career in the hairstyling industry. Through her work and experience in that industry, she was able to meet really great bosses and interact with business professionals. As she started traveling nationwide helping other hairstylists, her executive clients started inviting her to speak at staff meetings and club meetings. These talks started to evolve her career into the award-winning keynote speaker, author, sales presentation skills trainer, and in-demand speech coach she is today.


Communication with Impact

Communicating with Impact is all about how to use your persuasive and good communication skills in any situation – including getting new clients. When your products or services are similar or equally as great as your competitors’, the presentation and the way you connect to your prospects and clients gives you an edge. The ability to communicate using specific language and to be articulate in what you say about your company and your solutions can sometimes make all the difference in the world… [Read more…]