Sales Training: Sales Executives Take Consistent Action

Sales Training: Sales Executives Take Consistent Action

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Effective sales executives take consistent action. That's for today's tip. I'm reminded of a story of an account executive I was working with, and she had a successful meeting with a prospect, early on in the week. And, at the end of the week, she was supposed to have a second meeting to advance the sales process and really start to begin the process of understanding what her customer, and her prospect needed.

Now, taking a time out here, what she should have done at the end of her first meeting is, to send a card or send something that would keep the momentum of the sales encounter going forward. So, that she could in fact have that second meeting. She decided not to do that and when the second meeting was supposed to take place, low and behold, it didn't take place, that's because she lost momentum.

So today's tip is all about keeping and taking action, an action applies to everything we need to do in business. Now, the most successful people in business and in sales are always asking themselves, how can we keep the sales process moving forward, what's the next step in the sales process, and how can I keep adding more and more value to my customer, my prospect.

So what I want you to do for today's step is take a look at the number of sales appointments you go on. Identify how many of those sales appointments lead to second appointments, and then start task yourself what are you doing in your process. To keep momentum alive between appointments. This is Ray Stendall.

Thanks so much for tuning in to this channel and I will be in touch with another great tip for you shortly.