Building Brands & Awareness In The Marketplace Through Relationships

An Interview about Business Relationships with TR Garland 


Ray: Welcome everyone to another exciting issue of Customer Engagement Magazine. My guest today is the author of the best-selling book, Building the Ultimate Network. His advice on business networking and referral marketing has been featured in regional and nationwide publications, such as Entrepreneur Media and Magazine. In addition, he has also earned the coveted #1 position in business networking as an expert, ranked by LinkedIn, the world’s most successful online network platform. Many consider him to be one of today’s leading authorities on business networking, referral marketing, and building social capital. His clients regularly report that they are doubling, if not tripling, the number of referrals that they are getting once they start working with him. His clients include Mary Kay, New York Life, Century 21, E-Trade, Action COACH and many, many more. He has partnered with Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI, in his coaching and consulting company called the Referral Institute.

TR Garland, thank you so much for being part of Customer Engagement Magazine and helping us to revolutionize the way in which companies engage with their customers, their prospects, and their employees. Welcome to the program.

TR: Thanks, Ray. It is a pleasure being here.

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Understand Behavior Styles To Engage & Empower Employees & Customers

An Interview with Tony Allesandra

behavior styles


Ray: Hello and welcome to another issue of Customer Engagement Magazine. My name is Ray Stendall, publisher of Customer Engagement Magazine. And I’m so happy and pleased to be with Tony Alessandra.

Tony Alessandra is really a unique individual. He has a great background from an academic perspective. He has a PhD in Marketing from George’s State University in 1976. He has been business owner for a number of years with and he’s also an author. Not only an author of 1 book or 2 books, 27 books been created by Tony. And they have been published in multiple different languages. Tony has been speaking to large enterprise audiences since 1974 and he’s talked to some of the who’s who in the world of business today. Companies like Apple, Ritz Carlton, IBM, General Electrics, Sony Pictures, Prudential, Bank of America and many many more. If you go to his website, you will be able to see all of these information and the many other clients he’s talked to and all of that of course is going to be here in the Magazine within the bio box at the end of the article. Tony is really an individual who has been able to understand how we can apply and understand social style and personality styles to be able to better empower and engage the people we work with and be able to empower and engage customers to really drive customer loyalty and build fans for life.

Tony, thanks so much for being in the program. We are really honored to have you.

Tony: My pleasure Ray, thank you.

Ray: So Tony, what we want to do right now is really dive into and see how we can take some of the research and the work that you’ve done, apply it to really how we engage customers and how we can engage employees. But before we dive into that, I think we first need to start with the basics and understand what exactly is the Platinum Rule all about.

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High Performance Selling And Behavior That Can Really Move Your Business Forward

An Interview With Don Hutson




Ray: Hi, this is Ray Stendall, publisher of Customer Engagement Magazine. I’m so happy and pleased to have as my guest a very special person. Our guest today is one of the founding members of the National Speakers Association. He is a #1 New York Times bestseller. He is a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame who, together with the rest of his company, U.S. Learning, has served over two-thirds of the Fortune 500, with companies ranging from Aflac to Zenith, including HP, FedEx, General Electric, and many, many more. He is the CEO of U.S. Learning and will talk to us today about high performance selling and high performance behaviors that can really move your business forward. So without further ado, I welcome Mr. Don Hutson.

Don: Hello, Ray, its great being with you today. I love the opportunity to work with you and have the opportunity to meet via Skype your members and your subscribers. So it’s great being with you.

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