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The above video provides an overview of the Flight Plan Methodology that I teach

The 8 Modules described in the video are:

Module 1:  Packing For Your Trip – In order to succeed with your business you need to make sure you pack the necessary tools. Quite often it is easy to give up – this module will prepare you for the turbulence you will experience in building your business

Module 2:  Pre-Flight Checklist – This module is all about In-depth Market Analysis to make sure you effectively address real needs that need to be solved.

Module 3: Flight Plan – This module is about building a Marketing system that generates qualified prospects that are interested in what you offer and have the capacity to pay

Module 4: Take Off – This module is all about appointment setting strategies to get an opportunity to build a real relationship with a prospect

Module 5:  In Flight – This module is all about how to interview a prospect and gather enough information to create high impact proposals

Module 6: Course Correction – This module is all about making the right course correction stepson working with a prospect to create a solution that is ideal for them and created with them

Module 7: The Landing – This module is all about Confirming the Sale and winning a new customer. This module goes into Presenting, Objection handling and asking for the business

Module 8: Maintaining The Aircraft – This module is all about the Life Time Value of a customer and how you can building relationships with existing customers to foster referral business

The structure of each module includes:

  • Module content
  • Important myths to avoid
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Best practices
  • Trends to be aware of
  • Resources
  • Your next step
  • Homework